Refund Policy

Refunds on PoliTube 

Recurring Subscriptions 

You may cancel your subscription up to 24 hours before your Sub Renew Date (which can be viewed on your Subscriptions page). To do so, select the “Do Not Renew” option under. 

We may share subscriber cancellation reasons with Creators in an anonymous, aggregated way to help Creators improve their channels. 

We may offer limited refunds on purchases of recurring subscriptions. When reviewing refund requests, we primarily look at historical refund requests from purchasers’ accounts and actions taken with respect to those requests. Decisions whether to refund a subscription purchase are solely within PoliTube’s discretion. 

Outside of the example above, we do not offer refunds for recurring subscriptions except in circumstances where technical issues impact the purchase or benefits relating to a subscription, or where the purchase of a subscription was fraudulently made. 

Unauthorized transactions 

If you notice suspicious or unrecognized transactions that do not match your regular purchasing history, contact us immediately. Provide as much detail as possible so our Support team can review the incident. We may refund transactions that we determine were made without the user’s authorization, and take appropriate action against the originating account of the unauthorized transaction(s). 

As part of the process of investigating your refund request, we may need to ask for information about the payment method(s) used and/or other information to locate the underlying account. 

Technical Issue with Purchase 

If you experienced a technical issue with completing or receiving your purchase or benefits, please raise a case with us and provide as much detail as possible so our team can assist you. Examples of technical issues include duplicate purchases, specific error messages, missing benefits, or other outages. Please be sure to include any additional information about your issue, including screenshots, error codes, and (if applicable) which PoliTube channels are involved. 

Abuse of refund policy 

Submitting excessive refund requests or attempting to abuse our refund processes is against PoliTube policies, and could result in limited access to products or services and/or suspension or termination of your account. 

Submitting a refund request 

To submit a refund request, make sure you're logged into the PoliTube Help Portal. You may need to select the relevant dropdown entries (e.g., for a recurring subscription refund request, select "Subscriptions" then "Refund Request."). 

If you would like to request a refund for a purchase made through the PoliTube iOS app, please contact Apple support for help. Apple handles support matters regarding such purchases directly, and Apple’s refund policy will apply.